Orthopaedics / Bone & Joint Surgery / Ortho Care

At Shree sivaa hospital, we have a tendency to area unit committed to making sure a pain and disability-free life for our medical science patients. We have a tendency to still use the most recent instrumentation, procedures, and surgical ways to diagnose and treat patients. Our orthopaedics department is backed by a well-equipped twenty four x seven emergency dept. an extremely qualified team of Anaesthetists, important Care specialists, OT and Nursing employees, and a team of specialised physiotherapists United Nations agency frequently try to produce, optimum results for the patients. . Our specialist’s area unit targeted on every kind of contractor conditions together with joint pain, spine, pain, trauma, sports, birth and inborn defects and alternative injuries.

The Department Aims:

  • 24×7 sevrices open
  • All kinds of Trauma
  • Complex High Velocity injuries
  • Well Equipped Emergency
  • Full ICU Support
  • Full backup for associated Head, Chest
  • Abdominal Injuries
  • Vascular Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Dedicated Orthopaedics Operation Theatre
  • with Laminar Flow
  • Advanced IITV Machine
  • Plating
  • Interlocking Nails
  • Kwire Procedures
  • External Fixation for open fractures
  • Hand Injuries
  • Arthroscopy / Soprts Injury
  • Advanced Key Hole Surgery
  • All Knee Ligament and Meniscus Injuries
  • Shoulder scopies for Forzen shoulder,
  • Recurrent dislication, Cuff tears
  • Only centre in NE for Elbow scopy
  • No scar
  • Early return to activity.


Dr. D.Silambuchelvi

Dr. S.P. Aarthy Sumaldha

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